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The dependability of a system is the ability to avoid service failures that are more frequent and more severe than is acceptable.

— Algirdas Avižienis, Jean-Claude Laprie, Brian Randell, and Carl Landwehr

UNIQ24a092ec51eb5ca8-navbar-00000000-QINU Welcome to the website of the Dependability Research Group. We focus on research issues related to software and architectures in high-value systems—computing systems of extreme importance to society whose failure would have a severe negative impact whether measured in terms of time, money or loss of life.

Our research interests encompass safety-critical systems, such as medical devices, avionics, unmanned aircraft systems, weapons systems; critical infrastructures such as financial networks, transportation systems, and power systems; and emergent grid computing systems that increasingly play a strategically vital role in such diverse industries as finance, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and aerospace.

We work closely with industrial and governmental partners to ensure research relevance. If you are interested in our research program, then we would like to hear from you. Past and current members of our group continue to provide leadership in academia, industry, and the military.